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CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

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CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

will some cards out of the blue just not make a monthly report to credit agencies?  just gone back over the past year + and every month my 5 cards have made their report on about the same day each month without missing.  out of the blue one that should have reported about jan 3rd and one that should have reported on about jan 10 still havent shown up on credit report.  


should i call each of them and report that?  is there something going on I should look into or not worry about it?  TIA



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Re: CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

Don't worry about it. Certainly don't bother to call them about it.


From time to time, issuers will change their reporting dates, or even miss a month completely. It happens. Generally doesn't matter (unless you were specifically waiting for an account pay-down/pay-off to report, anyway).


Remember, a "no data" month is scored exactly the same as an "OK" month.  Lots of green checkmarks or "OK"s may look pretty, but they have no effect.  It's only the presence of negative items that matter - if the month is not reported as 30/60/90/120+/CO, etc... it's assumed to be "good".


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Re: CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

Yeah SSFCU sometimes goes months of no reporting activity on my card, it doesn’t really have any bearing on anything when they do finally report. 

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Re: CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

ah ok thx for replies.  I actually did make a huge payment on my chase card that I had bought some new equipment on a few months ago.  went from 80% utilization to paid off and Im anxious to see what that does to my score as im a fico peeper and of course it didnt report this month lol

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Re: CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

Chase generally reports mid-cycle whenever your balance hits zero.

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Re: CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

And Chase will report whenever you call and ask them to, so go ahead and make that request if you'd like. You should also find out what happened because this is unusual. They'd probably like to know what happened too.

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Re: CC monthly reporting to credit agencies

IMO as long as you do not have a "Red Mark" or "late" then you are good, and there is nothing to worry about unless you are drastically trying to lower the DTI

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