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CCCU Loans

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CCCU Loans

Anyone had any luck with an auto loan from Christian Credit Union?  My credit union turned me down today because they require 5 years from date of bankruptcy discharge.  Mine will be 5 years in Dec.  Those jokers wouldn't budge on 5 stinking months.  Now I've got the ding to my credit.  From what I understand, I can apply at several different places as long as they are within the next 14 days and it will only count as 1 that right? 
I applied at CCCU earlier...guess I'll keep my finger crossed.  Anyone having any luck with other lenders?  My scores are low 600's...around 620.
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Re: CCCU Loans

You are correct about the inquiries...
As far as CCCU I hear they are very lenient about BK's and such. Good luck.
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