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CCT Error

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Re: CCT Error

Yes, CCT is an Experian product.

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Re: CCT Error


did you solve this, i have the same issue.  Two of the 4 questions i had, had nothing to do with me and there was no "none of the above" which was puzzling.


so now what? 



i went to identityq, got that, then came here to find out its fako. Who else pulls fico for $1? 






Those things can be ridiculously hard. I have had all but 1 answer be none of the above. Can't recall having seen that not be an option though.I have also not been able to verify my own identity with these questions.


Creditchecktotal offers a week trial for $1. You can get all 3 reports and scores. Cancel in a week, or if you want to continue call to cancel and you will receive an offer to continue for 1/2 off. Canceling is an easy, automated process. You can sign up later for another $1 trial also.

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