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Can deleted account become active on credit report?

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Can deleted account become active on credit report?

I recently discovered that I am an authorized user on one of my father's credit card accounts (I guess it happened when I was 16 without my knowledge). As he lost his job and plans on filing Ch.8, the payments are delinquent on this card. I called the credit card co. and they forwarded me to a collections agency. The administrator told me that my name cannot be removed from the card until the balance is paid in full, and if I dispute the account on my credit reports that eventually the account will go back on my reports once they verify that the bank had my SS#.  I disputed it, nonetheless.


TransUnion has already deleted this account from my CR and I am waiting to hear back from Equifax - Experian didn't have this account on my CR.


So, can this account go back on my CRs once the bureaus delete them or if the acct is closed? If the credit card account is permanently closed, I was told that I have no chance of deleting the account from my CRs; that is, if they are added again.


Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can deleted account become active on credit report?

It's very likely gone forever. I wouldn't sweat it. Ignore anything the CA says because they can't influence how the card reports anyway. It isn't their tradeline to list! A CA's word is never their bond anyway.





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