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New to all these numbers!

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New to all these numbers!

Good Morning,

I am just 2 days into my FICO scores. I just received my FICO score yesterday. It is 660.

Today I am reading through all of the posts here and I am swimming in questions.

I have some items I will need to dispute and am wondering are there any sample letters here on the forum?

I know my credit score in February with experience was 559 so I think I was on the right track to raising it thus far.

I have late pays from a year and 2years ago. My husband has had 14 back surgeries and was out of work on and off for the last 10 years. Hence the reason for these late payments. Last April I settles some accounts as they were just not working with us to get caught up and hurting us more than settling them would. Since then, my husband has had another surgery in April (BTW he is 43 yr old) and he switched jobs which has required us to move from Missouri to Florida. Now I am seeking employment and we are currently renting a condo. We would like to be able to purchase a home in the future.

Any help on where to start, sample letters etc is appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: New to all these numbers!

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