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Charge Off help

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Charge Off help

My parents have an account that was charged off in 94 and absolutly no activity has been on that acount since 94, but they keep selling it to another CA and redating it, i know that the CA's cant do that how do I get that off thier report?
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Re: Charge Off help

Even if a debt is sold to a new CA/JDB, has no effect on SOL, DOLA or DOFD. They do TRY to get by with making it appear new on your report by reporting date opened the date they reported the account when they get the account, etc.

Say you have a CO'd CC from 2000 and this thing has went to several CA's/JDB's. It IS still within the SOL of reporting though and the CC may still be on your CR AND there may be CA as well for this. Say a CA recently buys this account and slaps it on your report now. More than likely they will have that this "account" was OPENED on 2/2006 which is WRONG! It makes you think I've got to deal with the OC from 2000 on my reports for 1 more year but now this stupid CA is on my report now for 7 more years....NOPE..doesn't work that way...they CAN'T do that! When the OC falls off for being passed the 7 year reporting period, the CA has to go too.

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