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Charged Off Car Note - Please Advise (no insults)

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Charged Off Car Note - Please Advise (no insults)

Hi everybody!


I won't bore you with the details but I ended up in financial calamity. I have a 2015 Toyota Camry. It is parked in a garage. Payments have not been made in a year. Car note was charged off. I ended up between homes and jobless. I have a job now and can afford to pay. How could I get the car back? It has not been repossessed (it's parked in a garage). What could I do here? Can a family member (who would also drive the car) sign the loan (we now live in the same address). I need the car for work. It has been charged off for almost a year. My credit score went into the gutter. Looking to get back on my feet. I do not have the 15 cash in hand for the vehicle as that would be considered the amount needed. Step by step, how could I keep this car? 

This is a serious topic and I would appreciate it if those who reply can offer constructive advice. 

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Re: Charged Off Car Note - Please Advise (no insults)

I'd recommend asking around in the auto loans subforum as you will probably get better advise from the car gurus. Best of luckSmiley Happy
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Re: Charged Off Car Note - Please Advise (no insults)

There are a few factual unknowns that can affect both their (the creditor) and your next steps.


Does the original creditor still own the debt?  That will determine whether or not you can still deal with them regarding any attempt to set up any payment plan that might affect your ability to continue payments and retain the vehicle.

Does the reporting by the creditor still show a balance, or has it been updated to $0 balance owed to them, which would indicate that they have sold the debt?


Even if the original creditor still owns the debt, have you been contacted by a debt collector?

Some assignments of collection authority require any payment negotitations by made only thru the debt collector, which may require that you contact them.


Has the SOL expired?


Has the creditor made any attempts to repossess the vehicle that you are aware of?

Is the garage at your current address, and thus the location known to the creditor/owner?


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