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Citibank contact info they call or sms from -call forwarding

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Citibank contact info they call or sms from -call forwarding

Ok so I know this may be an unusual topic / request. But I'm looking for contact information for citibank.
I have a visa rewards card from them.
Let me give you guys some background info so u can possibly help more by understanding my issue thoroughly.
I do IT consulting for a firm, we all have "our own " clients but if its an emergency and I am busy any of my co workers can take the call.
We all rotate for off hours and weekends being on call.
The clients that are "mine" even though they know I'm off and another is on call and will aid and assist them they are going to blow up my cell and email and prob think about the office num after a few hours and get help.
But currently me and my wife have taken on a new venture and my off time is consumed getting this new business up and going ,
Last weekend it kinda boiled over we was going to see my nephew practice for a piano recital and I was plagued with a vibrating phone etc whole time is accidentally answered it trying to silemce it and spent next 2hrs in lobby doing tech support.
So we are going on a vacation/business trip to look at a few items to purchase for our new business and I'm not trying to relive my past mistake.
So my idea was to forward all my calls from my cell phone to a voip/sip account , configure sip with conditional call fwd and to fwd all calls back to my cell except for listed numbers .
So basicalky ill only get calls from ppl who's numbers are listed, so I want to be sure to add my banking phone numbers to the list. Ill def contact city and tell about traveling etc , but esp with traveling out of area etc I may be getting sms or call to verify purchases .
I want to endure to get calls, so I'm looking for the numbers , I wasn't sure if citi would call from same num? Or if there was 2 or 3 numbers possibly?
Anyway all help app.
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Re: Citibank contact info they call or sms from -call forwarding

A dedicated mobile phone for personal use could be helpful. Your current mobile number would remain your business phone. 

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