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Consumer Cellular Hard Pull WITHOUT Permission

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Re: Consumer Cellular Hard Pull WITHOUT Permission

@Anonymous wrote:

Your wish is my command ... check this out: National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange, Inc. (NCTUE) Smiley Mad Just what the doctor ordered!

Nice catch.  NCTUE is one of the credit bureaus that I think everyone ought to pull at least every three years.  I found some dangerously false info on mine and had it removed.


Other bureaus I personally recommend to pull are LexisNexis, ChexSystems, and EVS.

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Re: Consumer Cellular Hard Pull WITHOUT Permission

@vV35Hszm wrote:

@Physh1 wrote:

So, while I totally understand you don't like the pull, you should have expected at least 1 pull. I googled them and a hard pull is common with Consumer Cellular. You really should go into anything like this expecting a pull, or at least researching the chance of a pull.

Hold up - please understand what happened.  They asked for my social.  I specifically told them I didn't HAVE a social security number and I wasn't from this country (I lied).  They told me they could set up my account without one which was my goal.  I had no idea they could or would do a hard pull with just a name and address.

Ironically, had your lie been true this would have been a moot point, since someone who is not from this country (and has no SS#) is usually not concerned about a HP anyway.


That said, we can't discuss or promote providing false information to a credit provider, and that includes a cellular company that bills for postpaid service.  As the topic has been well-covered anyway the thread is now closed to new comments.

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