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Credit Freeze Issues

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Credit Freeze Issues

Given the Equifax breech and being someone who was affected (per Equifax website) I decided to freeze my reports.

TU and EQ were no problem and was able to pay my $5 and get a Freeze. EX on the other hand has been difficult. Twice I was able to get to the verification questions page (and know that I answered them correctly) when I get the message that I must send in documents.


I was able to submit the freeze on-line, providing name, email address, social security number etc. I attached copies of my DL and a recent bill with my name, address etc. I have found no way to follow up to see if I have a freeze on my EX report. At this point I have not found a number that lets me talk to a real person (I understand, 143 million plus people are concerned).


Any thoughts or advice on how to get in contact with EX?

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