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Question's regarding Freezing Credit Reports

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Question's regarding Freezing Credit Reports

In light of the recent Equifax Breach I have a few question's regarding Freezing credit reports as it is the first time I have done so.


1) I have placed Freeze's on all three credit bureau's for the first time, Will I still be able to pull my credit score/report here on MyFico periodically or will the freeze I have in place prevent that?


2) Will I be able to still recieve SP CLI's while having a freeze on my reports?


3) What is the process if I decide to apply for a loan in the future, specifically I may be looking for a new vehicle in the near future and my credit union pull's TU Auto 08 scores. Will I just simply log on to TU website and remove/lift the freeze right before I put in my application and then add it back on right afterward's? Do I have to pay a fee everytime I choose to take out new credit by requesting a lift on the freezes?




I am sure these question's have been asked a few time's recently so I apologize if my question's are annoying!


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Re: Question's regarding Freezing Credit Reports

The way it has always worked for me over the past several years is ...


1.  If MyFICO or similar entities have pulled your credit prior to the freeze, they can continue after the freeze is in place.  If they have not, they cannot and you must unfreeze the first time for them.


2.  Never any issues with soft pull CLIs.


3.  I've needed to have the freezes lifted prior to applying and then freezing them right after applying and making sure the lender pulled my credit.  My state has a $10 fee for lifting a freeze and a $10 fee for placing a freeze.  To avoid the fee for placing the freeze again, I just pay $10 to temporary lift the freeze.  Each state has a different fee.  Some lenders, though, can use your PIN and pull your credit.  American Express is noted for this.  Unfotunately, not all can / will do this.  

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