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Credit Inquiries Merging

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Credit Inquiries Merging



I read somewhere that when you shop around for car or mortgage loans, the inquiries made during a month will be merged as one inquiry.


I had two mortgage loan inquiries, one on 8/17/12 and one on 9/5/12 and when I checked my transunion report on 10/5/12,  I saw them as two inquiries. 


My question is, is it showing two inquiries only to me as a consumer or will it be the same to creditors. Should I dispute the record?


I appreciate any help and thanks in advance.

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Re: Credit Inquiries Merging

They won't merge into one inquiry. In FICO scoring models, they are scored as one inquiry, as long as they are coded the same (for auto loan purposes) and within a 45-day period.


Everyone will see 2 inquiries, including you and any creditors that see your report. But when it comes to your FICO score, the two inquiries will only be counted once.

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Re: Credit Inquiries Merging

Thank you very much for the response.

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