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Credit Inquiry removed early

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Credit Inquiry removed early

I logged onto CK and it stated that my Schwab inquiry from October 2019 was removed from Equifax. That's wayyyyy too early and I've never even heard of something like that happening. I've yet to pull a direct EQ report because screw dealing with their website/part of ACR, but is this normal? Or even real? Maybe it's a mistake?



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Re: Credit Inquiry removed early

That's a nice surprise 

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Re: Credit Inquiry removed early

You are not alone.  Mine from July 2019 is now gone.  Story in DOC:

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Re: Credit Inquiry removed early

Should've known to check DOC...well that's great. Less non-credit related HPs done , the better.

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Re: Credit Inquiry removed early

How interesting, I open up a bank checking with him in July 2019 and now it is gone.

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Re: Credit Inquiry removed early

@icednightpaper @Its weird to me. My schwab was also removed and mine was from January this year!!! I also checked CK but I need to double check on my annual report just to make sure. 

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