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Experian Surprise Data Point Change

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Experian Surprise Data Point Change

I just joined's new Extracredit monitoring so I could see all 28 fico scores and was checking to see if other information matched the indivdual cra reports.


I noticed one inquiry for Experian was not showing. It has been Experians history to drop inquiries the first Sat. after the inquiry ages 25 months in opposed to Trans and Equifax who drop inquiries once they age 24 months.


The inquiry aged 24 months june 28th so I was looking for it to drop off on Aug 1st which would have been the first Sat after july 28th.


I checked Experian and found out they dropped it on July 4th (the first sat after 24 months) and that Extracredit was indeed correct.


Don't know if this was a one time deal or if Experian is now going to drop inquiries the first sat after the 24th month.


I have one due to fall off Aug 28 I will definitely look to see what happens.




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