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Does cell phone bills affect my credit score?
My credit score 7/17/2019
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Re: Credit

Only when you open an account (HP) or you don’t pay the bill and it goes to collections.

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Re: Credit

If your credit file is young, or needs some points, Only Experian that I am aware, offers a "boost", but you have to grant them permission to your bank account to scour for utilities and cell phone payments. This is not offered with TU or Equifax. 


The only way a cell phone would affect your score otherwise, is if it were sent for collection.

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Re: Credit

you can avoid an HP by getting a prepaid plan such as Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile.

and there are other prepaid plans too.

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Re: Credit

Not unless you don’t pay your bill. Experian Boost supposedly looks at bills such as phone, rent, etc. to give your score a bump, but in general phone bills have no effect on your credit. 

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