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DW's new name change and FICO...

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DW's new name change and FICO...

So... DW came into our relationship with great credit (mid 700's) and a different first and last name. She got a court order to change her Fist name and legally kill her middle name because she never liked either of them. She has a new Last name now becuse she married me.... I also have great credit and I manage all of our finances and credit efforts. I searched for something close to managing a credit profiles accross the bureau's relative to this HUGE change in her personal identifiers but I couldn't find much. If anyone else has been through this I'd love to get some feedback and guidance. Thanks

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Trying this again... New Legal First & Last name = New Credit Profile???

My DW's last name changed to my last name with our marriage a few years ago, AND she also legally changed her first name and dissolved her middle name. SSN remained the same. Just today I signed her up on the offer of all 3 reports/week for a year under her new married name and immediately noticed that the only accounts listed on ALL 3 CRA reports are accounts created since we were married. NOTHING ELSE from her old name. I have her old name set up at MyFICO and when I pull that up it reveals a thick file years long and standing in the 780's... WTH do I do with this mess to get it straightened out for her? ANY guidance would be SOOOO appreciated!!!

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Re: Trying this again... New Legal First & Last name = New Credit Profile???

It sounds like she has a split credit file. The complete name change (despite the same SSN) seems to have triggered a new credit file. She'll need to get this fixed and merge the two together. Below is an article I found with more info. You can also search here for "split credit file".

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