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Debt Consolidation Loan or Other Alternative

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Debt Consolidation Loan or Other Alternative

So for a very long time, I had bad credit just by being stupid and irresponsible. I have since improved my credit score drastically to right around 680 for all 3 very recently.


Since my credit was so bad for so long my wife took on the responsibility of putting everything under her name including her vehicle ($25k), co-signing on my vehicle (31k), our house ($244k), and all credit cards. Prior to us being in a good financial state, we racked up about $30k in credit card debt and have just been paying the minimum. We are down to about $17k now but obviously, it just feels like banging our heads against a wall with how slow it's going.


Should I take out a debt consolidation loan to lower the interest rate and relieve some of the stress on her credit report? Is there something different I should do? Her credit has taken a hit because of DTI and we'd like to get it up to where she used to be which is right around 740. I also plan on refinancing my vehicle into my name to lower the rate as well because it's at 9% right now. Would that be advisable too?


Thanks a lot for your responses.


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