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Decline Auto CLI in favor of applying for credit elsewhere?

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Decline Auto CLI in favor of applying for credit elsewhere?

Does a recent unsolicited increase in credit negatively impact future applications with other creditors? My Discover card recently increased my CLI. I would rather have the CLI with my other Cap 1 card with the lower interest rate. I had always assumed that any new extension of credit works against you if you apply for more or new credit with another institution. Are auto CLIs different? Wondering if I should decline the CLI on the high interest card in favor of a chance of a CLI with another. I don't really need a CLI in any event, but if I'm going to be given one I'd rather it be with the lower rate card or a new card altogether. I'm guessing since there was no request for the increase there would be no hard pull, but i also thought any new extension of credit aggravates any new application for credit elsewhere. Am I wrong?


Someone asked a similar question "Is there any reason to ever decline an auto CLI?" ten years ago, but the site won't let me reply to it or otherwise continue the discussion there.



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Re: Decline Auto CLI in favor of applying for credit elsewhere?

Curiously, it may help your chances at CLIs with other issuers more than it hurt them.  There is a conjectured Keeping Up With The Jones effect, where once one issuer extends you a high CL, then others are sometimes willing to use that as a yardstick for the appropriate size of a CL, either via a CLI or as the standard for a new credit card.  (Assuming your scores are high, no derogs, decent income, etc.)


I have no real way to say whether that might be true, except that my cards were stuck at 10k for a while.  When I heard that Amex would often triple your CL, I got my Blue Cash card to go to 25k.  Suddenly (or so it seemed) issuers seemed much more willing to give me a high CL with new cards.  My recently approved Chase Sapphire Preferred came with a 25k CL, or something like that.  And they are giving me these high CL additions to my credit limit when my total CL is 150% of my gross annual income.  No end in sight to these silly things, though like you I am not angling for it.  Just seems to happen.

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Re: Decline Auto CLI in favor of applying for credit elsewhere?

Oh terrific. That makes sense! Thanks I feel better about just leaving it alone. Ironic that my first reaction wasn't gratitude to the creditor. I get used to being suspicious and pessimistic I guess. Ha

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