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Difference in scores

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Difference in scores

Would 3 inquiries cause a 20 point difference in score my TU has 0 EQ has 2 and EX has 5
12/02/2014 TU 521 EQ 522 EX 529
5/15/2016 TU 764 EQ 747 EX 734

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Re: Difference in scores


You also cannot attribute the difference in scores between CRAs only to the differences in information reported to each.

There may also differences in the licensed algorithms.

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Re: Difference in scores

I agree. It is very possible. It is said that each inquiry can cost between 3 to 7 points on average.

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Re: Difference in scores

As stated above, it's possible.  You'd need to carefully compare your reports to confirm that the only differences among the CRA's is the inquiries and you also need to confirm that the scores you're referring to are all the same scoring model.  However, as pointed out above, even if report data and model are the same there can still be differences in scoring.  20 points isn't much of a difference.  It's about the minimum threshold of what I'd recommend looking at.  However, you're better off focusing on report data versus just obsessing over numbers.

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