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Discover Fraud Today..

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Discover Fraud Today..

This morning I received 8 text msg from Discover asking if I made charges to the tune of 12K !!! I am so very angry I wish I had a way to track down these low lives who think they can just reach out and touch this one.  (and go ARMY on thier a$$)


I refuse to call myself a "victim" because I am not.  I happen to be a little savvy in the CC game and have placed alerts on all of my CCs (so any charge gets a text for my OK).  Oh, and thank you MYFICO for helping me get there too.


I also have to give Discover props for being so kind and professional.  They removed the charges, canceled my CC and immediately issued a new account using my original dates.  That happened in a matter of minutes of me talking to the fraud department.  As I told the folks at Discover, I had my card in my wallet and the last time I used it was around the 5th for a "run for the border". 


More then likely one of the  high dollar employees (sorry .. but I seriously need to be sarcastic tonight .. ) took my info and sold it or themselves went on a shopping spree.  The thing that these geniuses don't know is that Discover follows through and prosecutes if you file a police report and these idiots used it online and placed these orders with a delivery address!! (whoop whoop) soooo.. thank you mr/ms crook, we now have your IP addy and your delivery addy so when the nice policeman comes to your door .. don't run cause your nailed ..oh wait...maybe you should .. I would enjoy seeing your thieving a$$ taised.

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Re: Discover Fraud Today..

I am glad the issue was resolved. Smiley Happy (Oh, and I like your attitude Smiley Wink).

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Re: Discover Fraud Today..

thank you mr/ms crook, we now have your IP addy and your delivery addy so when the nice policeman comes to your door


- Most crooks aren't known for their intelligence. As an example, we had a mail theft ring last year in my rural area, stealing mail from mailboxes and even breaking into & destroying postal service locked mailboxes. They were caught when someone behind them on the road saw them pull over and grab mail from a mailbox, then jump back into the car and start throwing the junk mail out the window. The person behind them thought this was a tad suspicious and called 911. When a sheriff deputy pulled them over they had stolen mail and drugs in the car. They'll be sitting in prison for awhile hopefully re-thinking their life choices, mail theft is a federal crime.


Glad you & Disco were on top of it. I don't have any alerts set in my Disco account as I have their app on my phone and get an alert from that every time a purchase is made.

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Re: Discover Fraud Today..

Good work acting on the instant alerts!


Sorry to burst your bubble though, these people usually use an unsuspecting address and track the package. Once it's delivered, they steal it right off the step. Unless they get a local cop to stake out the address, it'll be gone without a trace. That's not to mention the real ease of hiding IP addresses... It doesn't take much intelligence to do that nowadays.

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Re: Discover Fraud Today..

The thing is the dumb criminals are the ones getting caught. Nobody reads about the smart ones who are getting away with it. I think it gives a false impression that criminals are dumb. People come up with some extremely intelligent ways of doing crime...if only they put the same effort towards something legitimate.
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