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Dispute Credit Card Balance or Wait


Dispute Credit Card Balance or Wait

Working to execute and AZEO strategy on my revolving debt in preparation for a large auto loan.  FICO score has come up dramatically in last 60 days as I have paid balances down.  I'm about 4 weeks out from purchase and have one card that reports on the 31st to all three bureaus.  I paid it 3 weeks ago prior to statement closing in January.  As of today (2/4) it is showing up as zero at EQ and EX with a report date of 1/31 but no change on TU.  Last report date on TU remains 12/31.  I would be surprised if they didn't report to all 3 bureaus, would also be surprised that a 1/31 report wouldn't have posted by now.  Of course TU is the bureau used by my preferred auto lender.  Debating how much longer I should wait for the zero balance to show up on Tu before disputing.  I realize an open dispute could disrupt the loan - is a simple balance dispute likely to be open for 30-45 days?



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Re: Dispute Credit Card Balance or Wait

I'd recommend NOT disputing with the bureau.  If anything, contact the lender directly and ask if they can re-report to TU only. 


Or... just wait a few more days for it to update on its own... TU is likely just being  slow and the balance will prob update before the dispute is even reviewed.

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Re: Dispute Credit Card Balance or Wait

Thanks! My thought was it might just be slowness on TU's part. I've never tracked it this closely before so I don't have any history on what the normal lag is. 

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Re: Dispute Credit Card Balance or Wait

Transnion is the worst when it comes to posting a reported update. 


i was in a situation recently where I needed my 0 balance updated quick, the creditor sent me a 0 balance letter and submitted an update as a good will gesture. EX popped up the next day, EQ recomended to have the creditor contact them via phone and request a quick update. TU literarly told me "you can dispute submit docs and hope for the best" that was from a supervisor....The documentation you submit they just simply send it to the creditor and ask if my dispute is correct and after 30 days if no response then they change it on whatever your dispute was.. but at that point you dont even have to upload any proof.. they dont investigate. 


and the worst part.. lets say you dispute the balance... and 3 days in to the dispute the new balance is in your report.. BUT since you have a dispute open .. you can not generate an updated report to see your new balance.. you can't generate one until the dispute ends or you ask for them to remove the dispute. 


My suggestion, dispute directly with CFPB and use their platform so this way you can still see you balance updated if it updates and they are actually forced to do something about it.


I think well should protest and freeze our TU repots for a month or 2, force TU to improve their system and process 

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