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Disputing a credit card inquiry

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Disputing a credit card inquiry

Hi everyone, 

I'm a non US citizen and recently received a personal tax ID. Previously I didn't have any form of tax ID but I wanted to apply for a credit card from Amex and Citi since I had a good credit score of 750 and 2 credit cards already with BofA. I contacted them and both Amex and Citi told me I could apply without it, so I applied by phone but then they mailed me a request for a personal tax ID in order to complete my application, since I didn't have one I couldn't complete the application. Looking at my credit report I see the 2 inquiries, which I wasn't either denied or approved but still the application went through. I feel like they failed to provide accurate information in advance and now my credit score is lower because of it and 2 wasted inquiries on top of that. So my question is, could I be successful disputing and removing those inquiries from my credit report? How or what should I do? 
Thank you all!

Hector. -

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Re: Disputing a credit card inquiry

Approval criterion are separate and apart from the fact of you having initiated a request for credit.

FCRA 604 provides "permissible purpose" to a creditor to obtain your credit report whenever you initiate a request for credit.

The CRAs take a consistently strong position against deletion of inquiries if the consumer has initiated a request for credit, so they will likely deny any dispute by som[ly stating that the party had permissible purpose, and thus it is now considered a completed fact.


In my opinion, there is no basis for disputing the inquiries as being improper.

As an alternative to a dispute, I would suggest contacting someone in their management chain and requesting that, in view of the apparent misunderstanding on your part, that they recode the inquiry as "soft," which has the same effect of removing the inquiry from your scoring.

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Re: Disputing a credit card inquiry

Thanks for your response.

They told me I have to fax all the documents to them and a letter to request the change of the inquiry, let's see how it goes.

I appreciate your help!

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