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EO email for Capital One

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Re: EO email for Capital One

Thanks so much for all your help, it's truly been a learning experience and I'm glad that there are groups out there to draw from! Usually I just kind of wing it and hope for the best, but I stumbled upon the forum here through research on how to navigate the credit world and I thought- hey...these people have pretty good advice! 


Just to update my experience with Citi, I received their denial letter today and it stated that I had a BK that discharged a Citi card so I called because that was just pure baloney! I buttered up the guy and had him laughing, however, my wiles did nothing to sway the vote since he stated that somehow I had an At&T m/c from Citi that I had included in a BK back in 1996. Ok, I remember that ch 7..this is true. But I definitely do not remember having a card like that and he said (apologetically) that he could not override the system and that it was there in black and white. Boom..burn! I think I read somewhere on here that once you burn Citi...they do not forgive..EVER! Since my BK was in 1996, I'm going to say they're probably right, so there goes that and I even asked pretty please with cherries on top!


Capital One update- I spoke with some reps today who said they actually DO a consolidation of accounts into one card and move the limits, however, they are in the process of tweaking that right now and I was told to call back next week so we'll see how that goes. The only stipulation is that the account you want to move over has to be at $0 balance. 


Thanks for the link to the garden, I'll definitely give it a looksee and I'm going to wait til this 3rd statement closes later this month to push on that auto button, just in case there is some truth to that 92 days thing. =)



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