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Equifax Splitting Credit Report

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Equifax Splitting Credit Report


  Hipefully someone can help me out with this. This is the 4th or 5th time that this has happened to me. Equifax keeps on splitting my report and on 1 report it's showig all my account paid never late and no collection, then Equifax decides to put up my split report with only 1 account listing and 2 collection accounts dropping my score from a 680 to 590. ow can I stop equifax from destroying my credit by splitting my report whenever they feel like it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Equifax Splitting Credit Report

They aren't splitting your report by choice. It is automatically happening with their computer software.


Do you have a lot of inquiries, soft or hard? A lot of accounts?

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Re: Equifax Splitting Credit Report

But when they split it there splitting it with two different names and addresses. How can I get them to fix it
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Re: Equifax Splitting Credit Report

If I understand you correctly, there are two separate credit reports under your social security number.  Each report has you name listed differently and different current addresses.  One report has all of your derog items on it.  Is this correct?


If so, you need to print a copy of each report and then mail a letter to Equifax (or CSC Credit if they own your file which will be shown on your report) and tell them that they need to merge these two files.


Be sure to provide a copy of your driver's license (with current address) and social security card.  They use this as positive identification and to verify your address.

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Re: Equifax Splitting Credit Report

I called Equifax today and sopke with their so called "Office of Consumer Affairs". I told them this is the 5 time that this has happened in 1 1/2 years. Usually when I call they look at my previous notes and merge the files right then and their on the phone. Today they told me it's gonna take 30 -45 days for them to merege the credit files and investigate all the credit accounts on my report. Why should I have to suffer for 30 - 45 days with bad credit because they can't fix their computer software? Isn't this a FCRA violation for not reporting my credit report correctly? Why don't any of the other credit bureaus have a problem with their software olny Equifax?
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Re: Equifax Splitting Credit Report

How did you see both files? I mean where did you pull it from and how did you know there were two? I'm not asking because I don't believe you - just super curious and want to protect myself just in case.

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