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Equifax score not updating

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Re: Equifax score not updating

This has been an issue for over a year now.  Please post your experiences in the myFICO Product Feedback subforum so the myFICO product people see it.  The last time they addressed the issue they gave everyone a free report pull -- but never fixed that actual problem with EQ not updating along with alertable events between report pulls. There are already several threads on this issue -- so you can either add to an existing thread or create a new one.

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Re: Equifax score not updating

Yeah, same here. Very annoying! Its always around 25-30 points different. And takes forever for the score to update after a change in any account status. Also, it has the same exact accounts and status's that TU and EX have. EQ is horrible. Ive called them several times about the issue and its people that arnt even in the country in customer service handling our credit information. They dont have answers for anything. 

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Re: Equifax score not updating

Thats weird, mine always updates. I have it set for 5 bucks. Any change in an account for 5 bucks I get a new score.

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Re: Equifax score not updating

I dont know. Its been like that ever since I been monitoring my scores for 6 years now. Its always 2 or 3 months behind. Also. I paid off some medical debt and the collection agencies romoved the accounts from my TU and EX report. But of course not EQ. Ive disputed them stated they were removed from the other reports and sent them proof of pay to  delete and they refuse to remove them tbey just marked them as paid . And as always im 716 Tu and 722 EX but good ol EQ 696 no matter what i do for a year it wont go over 700 and im so aggravated! 

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Re: Equifax score not updating

My Equifax hasn't updated since around July, and not just on this site.  Even EQ website shows the same thing.  My other scores bounce up and down with the exact same changes, but EQ never moves.

EQ update.PNG

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Re: Equifax score not updating

Yes, my reports are all identical except for 4 paid medical collections that are 6 years old my tu and ex are 710 and 706 but eq 672 ???? And did not even recognize any points for a $1000 payment. It's completely ridiculous. Whats the deal fico forum? Do we need to start a petition for an answer?

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Re: Equifax score not updating

@Jeksauto  thats within normal variance between three CRAs. 

CRAs aren't supposed to delete collections but instead mark them closed and paid.

The fact other two removed them is a bonus, but EQ is doing it right. 

Also,  as long as you keep disputing correct information you are contributing to your score staying suppressed. 

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Re: Equifax score not updating

Equifax is in total violation of our consumer rights. We live by credit from renting an apartment, buying cars, homes and even opening up bank accounts. I literally have not seen a movement in my EQUIFAX score for a year. There's about an 70% difference between the accounts my other accounts and equifax. TU and EX are about 730 where my EX is 626. Now If inaccurate information is discovered in your file, the consumer reporting agency must examine the disputed information, usually within 30 days. The agency will need to delete the unverified information or provide the consumer with details to confirm the accuracy of the disputed account. How does this help when CredIt Scores aren't updated? There is no real recourse well at least none that is outlined. Lenders look at SCORES not Actual reports!  EQUIFAX system glitch 😡 is hurting thousands of us and I say we make them accountable! Please understand that this is a "BIG DEAL". I am a Small Business owner and it is necessary for me to have reputable  credit in order to gain approvals. If I go they a creditor which pulls from EQUIFAX I get denied based in my score. And bo, those consumer statements are by-passed by creditors. They don't consider those. 
According to, FCRA, consumers have the right to sue credit reporting agencies for damages, that have violated the FCRA. In some cases you may also be able to sue the person/agency that used the incorrect credit report against you. 

I am so fee up with this supposed "Fair" system that I have vegan the process in suing for damages.,

if anyone else feels violated and treated unfair by EQUIFAX contact:

<MOD removed: cannot solicit on site for gain of individuals>

I wish everyone success with their battles in stabilizing and securing the accuracy of your personal credit file. ☮️


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