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Equifax verification problems

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Equifax verification problems

Hey everyone,
I had a late payment appear on an account in error, and the lender said they would correct it. I called in about it on the 15th of April, and I spoke to the lenders Credit Bureau Reporting team today, and they agreed to submit the request to delete it. EX is already showing that it has been updated to report as current. I called in to confirm that. TU probably isn't far behind.

On the 15th, I tried to get my credit report from EQ. I passed the security questions easily, got it, and the "late" was not reported there, while it was reported on TU and EX.

I tried to check it again today, just in case it might have updated today, but when I entered all my info, I got a bunch of security questions that were not applicable in the slightest regarding mortgages/installment and car loans/bank accounts that I've never had in my life. So I answered none of the above, and EQ locked me out, stating that they couldn't confirm my identity.

I called in, and the lady I spoke with said I needed to fax in my birth certificate, drivers license, SS card and passport info to confirm my identity. I find this to be a ridiculous request and will not submit this heavily personal info to them via fax.

Has anyone had this happen before?

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Re: Equifax verification problems

Happens to me all the time. Equifax is the crazy thorn in my side but hopefully ill get my problems with them fixed one daySmiley Wink

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Re: Equifax verification problems

Same here with EQ. They ask me about mortgage payment when I dont have one and I'm automatically kicked out when trying to verify. You can upload directly via their dispute page though if you dont want to fax or mail. Unless this is the route you are taking already. To do this though you will need the 10 digit CONF# from a recent report you last viewed or pulled. I usually save these as PDFs to reference from that annual credit report site. Another route you can take is if you are currently part of a credit monitoring service, once you login you might be able to bypass those verification questions. I'm not a fan of Equifax because nothing is ever up to date.

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