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Experian Credit Monitoring

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Experian Credit Monitoring

So I signed up for the Experian premium credit monitoring trial back in March to check their FICO scores and canceled the trial membership well before the 7 day mark. When I went back a couple of weeks later they offered me the same exact same trial again


I've done this just about every month since and the offer always pops up exactly 1 day after the trial ended. I've never seen any extra charges beyond the trail price on the card statement I use.


Has this happened to anyone else, or is it a 'glitch in the Matrix' on my end? 

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Re: Experian Credit Monitoring

Nope, not a glitch in the matrix. I've been using and promoting the never-ending trials since Oct of last year. A couple of bucks a month sure beats all the alternatives. 

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Re: Experian Credit Monitoring

Many people have done continuous $1 trials with Experian / CCT over lengths of time.  I got up to probably 60 trials in during my rebuild before my scores topped out and I didn't find any use for them any longer.  I may do some testing in the upcoming months and if so will definitely go back to the $1 trials to grab before/after scores.

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