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Experian Inquiries take 25 months

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Experian Inquiries take 25 months

So this month made 2 years since my auto loan inquiries showed up on my report. Equifax took them off on the the 2 year mark, but Experian is telling me it takes 25 months? Haven't reached out to Transunion yet, who has also not removed the inquiries. I know there is no scoring difference, but I was hoping to have them removed already. Anyone ever heard of this 25 month rule? I have always been under the impression that they drop off at the 2 year mark. Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Experian Inquiries take 25 months

I haven't paid attention to my own reports but have read from others that it's normal. My guess is they go by the month and not the day. Say the inquiry happened on the 15th the count down doesn't begin until the 1st. In order to get a full 24mo of reporting it ends up as 24mo +15days (or 25mo).
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Re: Experian Inquiries take 25 months

Right from Experian's

"Every time you apply for credit, a "hard inquiry" is placed on your Credit Report. Here you will find the business names of those who have obtained a copy of your Credit Report over the last two years. Hard inquiries stay on your Credit Report for 25 months."

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Re: Experian Inquiries take 25 months

Neither the FCRA nor any federal regulation stipulates the removal date for inquiries from your credit report.

Removal is strictly an admin determination of each CRA.  They could decide to leave them for up to 7 years, but dont do so, as they represent an enormous amount of stored data.


Scoring algorithms usually make the determination that inquiries have little predictive value after one year, so they choose to remove them from scoring at one year.

However, CRAs have certain legal considerations that sometimes requires continued showing of inquires for up to two years, and thus the 24 month removal policy.  Twenty five is just another way of saying they are removed after 24 months.

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