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Experian Score Alert vs Capitol One Creditinform????


Experian Score Alert vs Capitol One Creditinform????

Within 24 hrs of each other I received credit score increase alerts from experians score alert and capitol one creditinform services (who states that its an experian score) experian increased my score to 552, while capitol ones creditinform increased me to 582! Seems like a very big point spread between the two. Which one repesents my actual score, also arent they both FAKO? The 582 would be great improvement on my long road, but the 552 would be rather disappointing. Please help, thanks for any and all responses!

Starting Score: 548
Current Score: EX686EQ682,TU???
Goal Score: 760

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Re: Experian Score Alert vs Capitol One Creditinform????

They are both fake scores - you can't buy your experien FICO anywhere. But I would gather your EX FICO did go up based on two alerts.

The only good thing about FAKO's is it gives you a general idea of if your scores are going up or down, though sometimes that can even be wrong. If you are paying for either of these services, I would stop, unless you are paying for it to watch your information.

STARTING: 11/24/10 EQ-584 EXP-648 TU04-595
CLOSED FIRST HOME 8/19/11 EQ-630 EXP-691 TU04-653
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