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Experian middle initial wrong, but don't see it on report

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Experian middle initial wrong, but don't see it on report

Has anyone seen this before?


We recently ordered all 3 of my husband's annual credit disclosures (by mail with the form on


Everything's fine on his Equifax and TransUnion, but there's something weird with his name on Experian.


The report from Experian was addressed to "First W Last" where the W is the wrong middle initial. The top margin of each page has "First W Last" with the same wrong initial, the Report number, and date. The final page is a Dispute Form that also lists "First W Last" pre-printed in the name section.


What's weird is, in the Personal Information section of the report, it lists only two names:

"First Last"

"First C Last" where C is the correct middle initial


I'm going to send the pre-printed Dispute Form in by mail because I can circle the middle initial and say it's wrong. In the Name section of the pre-printed Dispute Form I can write "My middle initial is not W. My middle initial is C. Please remove middle initial W." I find it strange that his name is not listed with the wrong middle initial where the other names are listed.


Does this seem like someone fat fingered his middle initial when they were keying in the request by mail? Neither his TransUnion or Equifax list the wrong initial.


The million dollar question is, will Experian process this properly or will they make it worse?

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Re: Experian middle initial wrong, but don't see it on report

I see no reason that they wouldn't promptly make the necessary adjustment on their end.  In doing so they'll likely send you another hard copy of your CR for free, just so you can see that the correction was made.

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