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Experian unable to complete request??

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Experian unable to complete request??

I'm trying to pull up my credit report and filled out all the info. And agreed to the T and C's and then it says unable to honor request. What does that mean? I've done this before and gotten it. 

BK DC 10/18/18
Walmart $400
Target $500
Playstation Visa $750
Petco Visa ?
Best Buy Visa $2000
Cap 1Quicksilver $2500
Ollo $2700
Kohl's $3000
Comenity $3200
Dell $4000
Skypoint FCU $5000
Last app 6/2/21

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Re: Experian unable to complete request??

I've been getting this for months.  I can only veiw my reports 1x then I get the error.  I was told a few months ago by special handling dept that it would be fixed in 48-72hrs.  3 months later still the same issues.  However, today I was told my file is too big and the IT  dept is working on it, at this time they can only provide my report via mail.  Makes no sense to me if I can initally view the report.  Really don't believe what they are telling me.


ETA:  Exp is saying this is happening with a lot or customers and they are working on the issue.

Last HP 8/29/14

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