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What's worse is that US Customs and Immigration Services checks your credit if you're applying for an immigration benefit, and they seem to have picked Experian.


My husband's credit score at Experian is 52 points lower than at Transunion. It's ridiculous, and to make things even worse, Experian is also the worst one for disputes. We've successfully disputed 100% of some sleazy bill collector's accounts from Quest Diagnostics improperly billing his insurance and then immediately sending him to collections (nobody at Quest ever fixes anything) at other bureaus, but 50/50 at Experian.


When I filed my bankruptcy, Quest had billed MY insurance incorrectly resulting in a $400 account. Instead of appealing it, I just packed it right into the bankruptcy as payback for them just generally being so awful and working with such scammy collection agencies. 

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Re: Experian

@BaronHK I have moved your post to a new thread as the OP in the previous thread was comparing two different Experian scoring models.  Feel free to edit your post to update your title.

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