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FICO Scores

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FICO Scores

So im not sure if this goes in here but I have a question. I got my frist credit card on december 18 2016.  My statements cut the 1 of each month. So I know this month will be 5 payments made ( didint use it in december at all). Does this mean ill have FICO June 2 or July 2?

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Re: FICO Scores

6 months of reporting history so it should be shortly after the 6th statement.
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Re: FICO Scores

I think it works like this.


(1)  Add five months to your date opened. 


(2)  Then move ahead to the 1st of the next month (this has to involve adding at least a day).


(3)  Wait one more day and pull your scores.  You should have a true FICO by then.


So for you, your card was opened on Dec 18.  Five more months is May 18.  Move ahead to the 1st of the next month and you are at June 1.  Wait one more day to be sure and you are at June 2.


That's the way I have been told it works.  It's all because FICO always adds a month to any account on the 1st of every month.  Thus the fact that your statements have been printing on the 1st is a red herring -- not relevant to when FICO will consider you to be at month 6.


Would you mind using the $1 trial at Credit Credit Total on June 2nd to see if I am right?


PS.  One thing I don;t know is how that three-step process would work if your date opened was on Sept 30.  Add five months and you get Feb 30, which is not a real date.  So unsure in that case whether you'd need to wait til March 2 or April 2.  Doesn't matter for you though.  Dec 18 is very clear.

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