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Figure Lending Reporting...

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Figure Lending Reporting...


I just got a personal loan with a company called Figure. They are based in San Franciso. I asked before I finalized my loan if they report to the CR as CFA and I was told no. Does anyone has a personal loan with them and if so, how does it report ?


Thank you

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Re: Figure Lending Reporting...

I just got a personal loan from them as well. I think since you have to open the credit union account they will report as a loan from a CU. That's what I'm hoping anyways. It seems like their personal loan is fairly new as well so not much info I could find. 

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Re: Figure Lending Reporting...

Hello, I am considering a figure personal loan and am wondering if you wouldn't mind providing some data points.  I've been pre-approved, but you know how that goes. With them being so new, there still isn't much info out to reference. Thanks! 

Aug 2021 Update
Mortgage: $485,00 | Hyundai Auto Lease: $16,000 | Secured USAA CC: $2000 | Chase Sapphire Preferred: $5000 | Fortiva CC: $4,000
Affirm Loan: $2,800 | Upstart Loan : $8,000 |

Fico: EX 763 EQ 743 TU 740 Vantage: EX 763 EQ 780 TU 775
DTI: 32%
Credit History: 19yrs 9mos (Newest Acct: Aug 2021)
Balance on revolving (2)/installment accounts (5): $54/$507,500
Revolving Utilization: Credit Usage: 2%
Credit Mix: 2 Mortgages, 1 Auto, 2 personal loans, 3 CC
Open Accounts: 8
Closed Accounts: 17
Payment History: 100% pays as agreed since 2018
Inquiries: EX 6/12 mos: 2/7 (Last 8/2021) EQ 6/12 mos: 0/4 (Last 1/2021) TU 6/12 mos: 1/6 (Last 8/2021)

LJ Ross Collection: Comed, 45 days late 2018 (paid 2018, EQ, TU only, deletion in 2025)
Chase Mortgage: 30 days late 2016 (pays as agreed since 2016)
USAA Credit Card: 60 days late 2016 (paid/closed 2016, deletion 2022)
SCU Personal Loan: 30 days late 2014 (paid/closed 2015, deletion 2021)
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Re: Figure Lending Reporting...


My Figure personal loan showed up today, 4 months after opening the account, 



Account Name Figure Lending LLC

Loan Type: Other

Scheduled Payment: (what my payment is per month)

High Balance: the balance my loan started at


(I assume this is not reporting as a CFA since there are no odications as such)

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