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Fraud alert questions

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Fraud alert questions

Hi,I was told today i will never get approved for a loan with a fraud alert on my 3 credit reports,Is that true?

And is it hard to get them removed and how long does that take?

Thanks,love this forum

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Re: Fraud alert questions

It is not too hard to get the fraud alerts removed.  I believe TransUnion and Equifax allow you to do it on line.  You will have to answer some questions so that they know it is really you.  I think Experian requires you to call in to get it removed.  I don't remember.


My husband and I were able to get them removed.  After you have spoken to the person or done it on line, it takes about another 24-48 hours for it to go through completely.


You should still be able to get a loan and/or credit card with the fraud alert.  It just makes it more of a hassle because they will ask you security questions using information from your credit file before they will approve you.  Make sure you have a current version of your credit report in front of you so that you can accurately answer the questions they might ask you.

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