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GW Example Letters

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Re: GW Example Letters

Can I get some input on this letter I revised. I appreciate all your help.

Regarding: Account No. XXXXX


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing a letter about my experience with xxxxxx that is a mixture of a grateful "thank-you" and a pressing request concerning a xxxxxx Charge Card tradeline in my credit files that I would like to have revised.

I received the XXXXX in the year of XXXX which at that time was an immature decision on my behalf. Being young, a newly wed, and immature at the time, I was not aware of the responsibilities I was about to lay upon my shoulders and the future to with hold. I respect XXXXX with great regards and sincerely apologize for the immature actions on my behalf, but with respect and hard work, I was able pay off the account XXXX.


To be honest, that year was a "wake-up" call for me regarding fiscal organization. Since then I believe I have learned the essential organizational and financial management principles I desperately needed at that point. Thankfully, responsible credit management has became an extremely role in my life. I wish to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be a customer of your company and I would love to continue to have strong relations. Relations I am determined to keep positive.


Now that I am out of the military I am about to approach a step in life I believe every person should have a chance to achieve. I’m moving to Colorado to attend a University in the city of Denver to earn my degree. It has come to my attention that the late notations from XXXX may preclude me from taking full advantage of mortgage loans, student loans, and vehicle loans. Since those notations do not reflect my current status with xxxxxx, I am requesting that you give me a second chance at a positive credit rating by revising those tradelines. Your customer service representative suggested that I write you for a "goodwill adjustment." I sincerely hope that there is redemption at xxxxxxx, and I beg you for such consideration. Please let me know if any additional documentation would assist in reaching a positive outcome, and I thank you again for the time you have spent reading this letter.

Very hopefully yours,

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Re: GW Example Letters

Using a slightly modified version of the first letter here, I was able to get a 30 day late payment from a student loan taken off of my TU Report.  FICO went from 732 to 775.  Thanks!
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Re: GW Example Letters

Tuscani thanks for all the excellent information.  I wish I had saw the PFD letter before I paid on a collections account.  Now that I have I was told by the CA that they would mail me a receipt of payment and that I should then send a dispute or GW letter to each CRA and that it would take 45 days for them to remove.  Did they just get over on me and can I can I expect the collections to be removed?
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Re: GW Example Letters

How efective is a phone call versus a written letter?
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Re: GW Example Letters

brendilon wrote:
How efective is a phone call versus a written letter?
Phone calls can work. The challenge sometimes is that a phone call gets limited to the front-line CSRs and sometimes you can't get any further than a manager maybe. A letter can direct any appear straight to the leadership of the company, if needed.
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Re: GW Example Letters

Seriously? I thought ( and was led to believe) that once a foreclosure was on your report, it was there to stay. If a goodwill letter can get it off, I am willing to try this. I had a home loan that went to deed in lieu due to job loss in July 2007. The loan was with Countrywide (aacck, I know) and was with Countrywide at the time of DIL. Countrywide was sold to Bank of America, so WE never actually had a B of A loan, because the event occured prior to the CW sale. Can you suggest for me how I should word this letter to B of A? 

thanks, these forums are really helpful! 

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Re: GW Example Letters

Good evening!


I have written a letter based on a GW template that I pulled from this forum and I am hoping that you all would be able to review it and offer suggestions to improve it.  It's fairly wordy, so I would like to "trim the fat" but yet still leave enough information to show that I put some thought and feeling behind it.. assuming any of that is necessary to help better my chances.  I have removed my personal information from the letter and have replaced it with bold typing with it in brackets to indicate that I will change it later.


Thank you in advance for reviewing it!



{my name}
{my address}
{my city, state, zip}


August 6th, 2010


{collection agency name}
Collection Department
{collection agency address}
{collection agency city, state, zip}

To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing a letter about my experience with {collection agency name} that is a mixture of a grateful “thank-you” and a pressing request concerning a listing in my credit files that I would like to have revised.


In 2006 I needed the immediate services of a medical facility for a concern that I had, and my girlfriend brought me to {hospital name} in {city, state}.  While I was waiting I was given an emergency care sheet to fill out, in which I put down my address (which has since changed) and my phone number (which has remained the same), and I also gave them my credit card to charge me for the services I was needing.  After the short wait they ushered me to one of their stations and treated me very nicely, and after a couple hours of watch, they noticed that my fever was dropping so informed me that I could leave, but also wrote me a prescription.  I thanked them and took the prescription and got the medicine that I needed, but after that I heard nothing else from them so I mistakenly thought that everything was paid for.


Two months ago I pulled all three of my credit reports to do a long overdue check-up, and I saw something listed on my Equifax credit as a collection, which was a collection from {collection agency name}.  At first I had no idea what this was, but doing some research I found out what this was.  Part of this research was fueled by your own company when I filed with Equifax requesting more information, and shortly thereafter I received a phone call from your company stating that I owed money, so I requested for the agent to mail me out what the bill is so I could verify it's authenticity.  A couple days later I get a notice from Equifax verifying it is something that I owe, and that it is with {hospital name}, along with the timeframe.  From the information that I had been given on the phone and also from Equifax, I put 2 and 2 together and called back the agent at {collection agency name} to pay the amount in full.


The parts of my “thank-you” are that the agent I spoke with on the phone was very polite and courteous, and the other part was that there was no associated “collection fee” for my apparent late payment for what was owed.  I was very appreciative of those two things, although the latter part is directly related to the part of my credit file that I would like to have revised.


When I had originally spoken with your agent, he had informed me that numerous letters had been sent to my old address (which I had lived in 1-2 years after I had visited {hospital name} but I never saw a letter come from {hospital name} or {collection agency name}) and that they had called me at one point in time a couple years ago (to the same phone number that I still have to this day), but could not confirm if a voice message had been left.  I do not recall a voice message left on my phone, so I can only assume that one was not left.  When I finally did hear about the amount being owed and verified it's authenticity (which was maybe a week timeline from finding out about it and verifying it), I promptly paid for the total amount due.  Because of these circumstances, I would appreciate it greatly if you could consider removing the negative mark from my credit report.  This is currently (and hopefully the last ever!) the only blemish that I have on my credit report from all three credit agencies, and I am looking to buy a house this next year, so I would like to be able to present a clean report to my lenders.


Thank you for taking your time into reading this letter, and hopefully for considering my request.







{my name}

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Re: GW Example Letters

uritel, the letter looks good. This is me, and IMO, I would cut the letter in half. CAs (and OCs) don't like to read and they don't care about you. Certainly not speaking in a derogatory sense, but the person opening up the letter sees dozens or hundreds of these same letters each week/month and having a shorter letter might improve your chances if that CA is the type to turn down a request. That's not to say your letter won't work, as I've seen multi-page GWs granted as posted by others in here, but it never hurts to set yourself out from the crowd if you know what I mean.

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Re: GW Example Letters

Any GW letter to take some Inquiries off my see at the time I had no credit when i applyed now that i have credit i want to see if they can take 3 denied CC Inquiries from,

American Express, WEBBANK/BML, Bank of America<----BOA denied me online in mins after I had my CapOne card for 6 months now they say im approved for their secured card...any help I need Email address so i can email them

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Re: GW Example Letters

Thank you!! This is very helpful information.

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