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HELP with collection agency!

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Re: HELP with collection agency!

That depends on whether or not the Original Creditor still even ownes the debt.     They could have sold it to the Collection Agency.  and if that the case they won't even deal with you.
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Re: HELP with collection agency!

I just had a medical collection removed that way. I had called the CA, but they were so rude and obnoxious I couldn't even stay on the phone without biting my tongue.  It was for a measley $100, which I though was covered by insurance.  Anyway, I contacted the OC and determined that the account had not been paid by insurance.  I paid them over the phone and they agreed to "take back" the account from the CA.  Now I can dispute the account as paid and since the CA will no longer have the account, they can't verify it and it will be deleted.  Long way around the block, but the purpose was served.
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