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I just signed up for MyFico, and it's at 706. Here's a bit about me and where I hope to get to. I am 23 years old, and have been at my current job for almost 5 years (make almost 14k a year, before taxes). I own my car. I got my first credit card (Capital One Secured) in May 2012. I sent in $49 to get the $200. I have never been late on a payment and pay it all in full. The most utilization I have ever used was 32% last month (needed clothes for work), and I thought I had it timed to where I could pay off some to drop the percentage before it posted, but the transaction stayed pending till that day -sigh-. After having the card for around 6 months they raised my limit to $300. And just this month I decided to take advantage of being able to raise my limit with deposits. And so far have it up to $500, and just sent another in today. My goal is to raise it to the $3k maximum.


Then I'll wait a few months and during that time work on building my Savings to a nice round number. Then I would like to try for a better credit card (one without an annual fee), then let my 2 cards help me as I then start to save up for a house. And I know it may seem weird, but I really don't want tons of credit cards. I'd rather keep it simple.

Currently have a Capital One Secured Card (5/12), with a $1,200 limit.
Current Goal: Send in deposits to get the limit to $3k.
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Re: Hello!

I think you should try for Chase Freedom once your Cap 1 reaches a year. If you care about having a decent limit, try to put as much money on your Cap 1 as possible before you go for the Freedom.

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Re: Hello!

After  a year you might talk to CAP 1 about unsecuring your card and see if you can get  credit limit increase. Something to think about.

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