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Help on this Collection


Help on this Collection


I'm brand new to this forum and I've been reading a lot of the stuff here and couldn't really find an answer to the question that I have. So I figured I would post it, maybe one of ya'll can help.

I'm in the military, and currently deployed to Iraq. Before I deployed I had to cancel my cable TV service, I also had to turn in my modem for the internet. When I turned it in, I guess someone at Time Warner didn't do the paperwork right or whatever and I was billed for not turning in the modem. Unfortunately since I deployed the mail never got forwarded to me in Iraq, so I never knew I owed them money. When I went home on leave, I had a collections agency sending letters to my mother's house saying I'm in collections for 169 dollars, from time warner. Checked my credit report, and sure enough there it was, and it was killing my FICO score. Now I don't really owe anyone the money because I turned in the dang modem, but even still had I known I would have paid them. So I paid the collections agency (yes after reading on this forum I learned this might not have been the best idea).

I explained the situation to them and they said that they would delete it from my credit report, 4 months later it's still there. I wrote them a letter asking if they were planning on deleting it, I got a response back that basically said they had no idea who I was. Is this even legal? And is there anything I can do about it or am I just kinda stuck???

Thanks in advance for all the help. I'm really kinda worried, I've never had a late payment or collection before, and I guess it's really hurting my score because I'm only 22 and I got my first car loan when I was 19, then my first credit card at 20 so I don't really have that long of a credit history and I don't have many cards. Only 3 credit cards each has like a 2000 dollar limit I only ever use one of them, and it's only for a few dollars here and there. How long is this collection thing going to effect my score for and how badly? I was trying to buy a house when I get back as I'm getting married shortly after I return, she doesn't want to get an apartment but the way my fico score is looking now we may have to do that for a while and I don't really want to have to break that news to her =/

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Help on this Collection

Someone that knows more then me will answer you also.
If it were me, I would open a dispute with the CRA. as not mine!!!
It is not a lie as you did return it.
If the CRA does not remove it send a DV to the CR...CMRRR and makes copies of everything even the GC.
this is copied from NOAH's thread
Ther use to be special laws to protect servicemen but I don't know where to find them.

"I pulled my credit bureau report, and I discovered that you claim I owe you a debt. Under § 809 of FDCPA, send me validation of this debt."

I would add to it.....To validate send complete documentation including  MY signiture


almost not sign it  just type in your name. DO NOT give any other info.DO NOT talk to them on the phone! everything in writting.


paid collections can stay for 7 years (from DOFD)

check your yellow thingy



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Re: Help on this Collection

First, thank you for all you are doing in Iraq, I know it can't be easySmiley Happy
If you happen to have the paperwork from when you originally installed or had the modem installed - there is a serial # that should be written on that paperwork.
Send TimeWarner a letter stating they owe you whatever amount because you turned in Model # so & so, it was their employee's mistake in possibly not recording it, they turned it over to collection and you want all trace of this incident removed from your TimeWarner history as well as your credit with the CA.
I know you are just starting out but you have to do what's right and it means NEVER letting anyone "by" because you want it off your CR.  It is going to be on there for 7 years if you can't get it removedSmiley Sad
It's worth it to try throwing it back on TW and the CA, maybe they'll remove it with that letter.
Just some thought - I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Take care over there!
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Re: Help on this Collection

Thank you both for the help and support.

I'm going to try to dispute it, hopefully it works out for me. I'm also going to try going through TW primarily since if I can get them to say "oops we screwed up" thehy should be at least semi-obligated to tell the CA to remove that collection from my credit report. I'm not terribly worried about the 169 dollars.

In fact, that's whats making me the most mad. 7 years??? For 169 dollars...That's not even a real amount of money, if it was like 5000 dollars I get it but 7 years for 169 bucks!!! What the heck is that about lol...

Thanks again.

I'll post more as I find more out.
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