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How often do you pull?

How often do you pull?

How often do you all pull?


I'm paying off over 50% of my revolving credit today, and know that I'm going to want to check the scores frequently. I don't necessarily want to pay to pull my FICO everyday, so what other services do you use to check your credit inbetween fico pulls?



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Re: How often do you pull?

Hello!  Welcome to the MyFico Community Forums!


Our moderator, Ilecs, has posted a wonderful guide which outlines the various Credit Monitoring Services available.

The guide can be found below:


Credit Monitoring Service Guide  by  Ilecs.


Feel free to read the above guide which may help you to explore options.

I personally have used various services in the past, and have found several of the services mentioned within the thread to be helpful for my situation.


In the past I have pulled my reports daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly... It all depends on the changes I'm expecting.  Some services allow multiple (even daily) pulls for one price.


Best of luck to you!

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Re: How often do you pull?

I paid for a 1-year subscription to Equifax for unlimited pulls on my score and credit report.  It paid for itself after 7 pulls!  I currently have pulled 26x averaging 1 per week.  I did this for educational purposes and will likely discontinue after this year and go back to occassional pulls.  I wanted to diagnose what effect my balance, # of iquiries and utilization %, and total credit lines have on my score.  To say the least it has been an education.  Smiley Happy


The side benefit is that it helps to curb the credit usage by keeping it ever present in my mind. Smiley Happy


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Re: How often do you pull?

I have a montly membership with all 3 of the bureaus and I pull weekly. I'm in the process of gardening and waiting until the piad baddies fall of, my aaoa ages and my inqs age and others fall off. I like the rush of seeing good changes to my reports Smiley Happy

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Re: How often do you pull?

I pull myFico once a quater, and use CK for the free pull and monitoring. Of couse disregard CK score because its generally meaningless, but can useful to see where your trending.

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