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Identity Theft Protection

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Re: Identity Theft Protection

Just wanted to update this thread.  After my original post, I did immediately cancel LifeLock.  But now 2yrs later, I saw a competitor being recommended by myFICO called Trusted ID.  I just signed up for it for 3 month trial ($8/month) and so far I like the service.  Protect all bank accounts, credit cards, social security and even your health insurance.


The other things I liked are the Lost Wallet section and the Protection Pack which generates all these pre-filled letters to send out to the telemarketing agencies, credit reporting agencies, get your name of their mailing lists.  And also you can easily place fraud alerts on your 3 credit reports.  All you have to do is do it once on one agency and that one will then forward on your request to the other 2.


So I recommend Trusted ID. 

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