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Identity Verification Process

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Identity Verification Process

I tried to put on a credit freeze with Experian and failed their identify verification process. Equifax & Transunion no problem in implementing the freeze. I checked my last CR with Experian for address info all was being reported correctly. Should I be concerned about identity theft? I tried calling Experian and spent 1.5 hrs waiting on the line before I gave up.


After you enter your name, SSN and current address the verification process is inititated. When you fail the verification process you are taken to a page that says the system is having problems. Right afterwardsI asked my husband to try with his on personal credentials and breezed right through. After he entered his initial personal infor he was presented with 4 questions (for example, which of the following streets didn't you ever live on). I never got this far. He was able to put a credit freeze on his account.

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