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Identity problem

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Identity problem

I opened business with family member and that person have all my info such as my Social security and is using it without telling me any advice?  

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Re: Identity problem

Hi istahil, I moved your post over here and am certain you'd get more responses.


If I was in that situation, and I also part-own a family business, and if I never gave permission to use my info, then at a start, I would place a fraud alert on each of my CRs. Maybe I wouldn't suspect fraud if there was a possibility that there's a serious misunderstanding, but rather to make it next to impossible for them to use my personal credit again. Then I'd have a serious chat with the other members and make sure it never happened again and I'd have them funnel extra money from the business to cover any credit account, business or personal, that was opened using my info and I'd make sure those were PIF first before any other payments to any other vendor. If you think there's legal wrongdoing, then I'd consider filing a police report, but that would be my last straw. If they used your info, then they had to forge your signature.


When you talk to them make sure you get a full accounting of every account opened using your info.  Personal accounts are obvious as you can see them on your CR. Some business accounts might night appear on your CRs, but if opened, they could have used your name as a personal guarantee. Figure out if those accounts exist too. One tool might be to order your Experian biz report and/or your DnB report.


If on your personal, you can take steps to get it removed, but it would involve pointing fingers.


As a last step, I would order a monthly credit monitoring service that checks all 3 reports. This way if new stuff appears, then you can be proactive in getting it removed.

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Re: Identity problem

Hi llecs thanks for your advice they are already forging my signature I will talk to them and see what happened.

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Re: Identity problem

If you have evidence of actual forgery, that is a criminal offense.  I would send a clear and strong message.

What you can do is to file a civil action against them.  If small claims, you can do it yourself, with only minimal court processing fees.

That will get their immediate attention.

You can always settle this without actually going to court, but that gives you instant clout to force a resolution.

If you really want to pull out the big guns, then you can also file a police report.  This will set in motion possible criminal charges, as well as your civil action.


I understand that there are personal issues that may dissuade you from immediately taking such actions, but in your meetings with them, I would at least let them know that you are considering both civil actions and criminal charges against them.   Unless they are totally innocent or totally brain dead, that puts you in the drivers seat to make demands that you need to remendy the issue between yourselves.  Let them know that you know your rights and will exercise them, if necessary.


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Re: Identity problem

Thanks Robert, I have a evidence  of the forgery and I already talked to them,if this happened again I will let the family know and take an action. 

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