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Incorrect Social Security Number on Experian

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Incorrect Social Security Number on Experian

So on my Experian report, year after year, they are reporting a social security number that is not mine. Not even close. I have no idea whose it is, but it’s not mine and my real social is not listed anywhere on there. All other info is correct as far as name and address.

I have fought with them for years to get it corrected and it never has been. I’ve written and called and I finally gave up. No debts have ever shown up on Experian other than my debts, not anyone else’s.

Should I continue trying to get it corrected? I’m tired of fighting to get them to correct THEIR mistake for literally YEARS.
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Re: Incorrect Social Security Number on Experian

Send a letter and a copy of your Social Security card to each agency that has an incorrect number and request that the agency remove all variations. To assist you, the Federal Trade Commission has a dispute letter template you can follow. To support your position, the FTC recommends that you enclose a copy of your credit report and highlight the erroneous variations. Keep a copy for your records and send a copy to each agency by certified mail with return receipt.

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