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Increasing FICO scores.

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Increasing FICO scores.

My Equifax score rose 5 points in 19 days.
The only thing I can think of to make it rise
is 3 new Amex cards which increased my available
credit? (Scorewatch changed today. KROLL monitors
my credit free of charge due to IBM losing employee
data on stolen tapes and I see every change, but no
score info.)

I charged 1300. on my Amex card and don't plan
to charge anymore! Why? I cut the cards into
tiny pieces. I love to shop. I don't trust
myself and my goal is to have FICO scores in
the 700's.

(My plan was to pay Amex down to 1%, but now
that I've read about 'financial reviews', I
plan to pay more than the min. balance and
avoid finance charges and convert my cards
to one card and let the balance ride as long as
I can.)

Does anyone see a pitfall in this plan?

Update: I paid Amex 10% of my total balance today and
for now my direction is making the (same 10% of balance) payment for
the next 13 months.

PS I really like 'New World Man's' advice to make credit
cards our slaves to make higher FICO scores. >That's what
I interpreted him to mean at least.

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