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Interesting Balance Reporting

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Interesting Balance Reporting

Sorry in advance if this is widely known, but wanted to share my experience.

I was trying for AZEO this month and made sure all of my cards were paid before the statements cut except for my Barclays card which was at 6.5% UTI. I was chugging along and then got an email from my Best Buy card that my statement cut and had a balance of $82!!! This put me at 24% UTi on this account as I only have a $350 limit. I rarely use this card and only do so every few months just so it stays open, well I used it last month and forgot! I immediately paid the card to $0 balance the same day. That was about a week ago. The balance reported on all CRA’s though.

Fast forward to today, I got an alert to a balance change and a score increase. To my surprise, it had been reported again at a $0 balance! So Citi reported the card twice within 2 weeks! That seems strange that they would do that, but maybe not.

So at the end of the day, we will see what my scores do with AZEO. Only FICO score showing it right now is TU which I got a 5 point increase from. I confirmed it updated on Experian by checking that’ll Experian app, but doesn’t appear to have given me an increase in score. I know if updated on Equifax by looking at CK, but I haven’t been alerted by myFICO yet for it.

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