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Local CU did a HP.


Local CU did a HP.

I had an account with a local CU from 3 years ago. It was a joint account.  Nobody applied for anything or did anything different there but there is an HP on my report from this year that  I am hoping that I can dispute.

I want my name off the account. Do I take it off before or after the dispute?

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Re: Local CU did a HP.

After the dispute. But contact the CU asap, the other person on the joint account could have applied for credit jointly, so you both got a HP and the credit account would be in both your names.

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Re: Local CU did a HP.

I assume that the account is still active, and that you are still named as a party on the account?


If so, it is likely a coding error, in that the pull was likely an internal account review that, if properly coded, should have been soft per CRA policy.

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Re: Local CU did a HP.

I had a hard pull last year from a credit union when I wanted to open a checking account.  Dumb thing is, I never openned the account because I could never get a hold of the service agent who was to set it up.


Hard pull for nothing at all.  =(

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