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Lump sum credit card payoff


Lump sum credit card payoff

Can I get some advice if it is possible to negotiate a lump sum pay off with credit card companies?  I have some extra cash that I would like to zero balance two credit cards. I've never paid them late always on-time payments. 

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Re: Lump sum credit card payoff

Just to be clear

You have 2 open cards with balances that have never been late and you want to pay less than the balance and have the lender forgive the part you don't pay?

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Re: Lump sum credit card payoff

I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but if you have enough cash to pay off your cards you will not need to negotiate.  If your saying you have some cash but not enough to pay off, then you can pay those cards down.  Which will decrease your utilization.  Unless I'm misunderstanding, there is no need to negotiate.  So as long as there are no other more pertinent issues with your credit, paying off/down those cards sounds good. 

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