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MyFICO slow to update.

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Re: MyFICO slow to update.

I have the same problem with CCT.  I can't access it anymore.  My wish TU & EQ had something like CreditWorks.  My statement for a credit card cut overnight and this morning Creitworks had it updated.  How long you think it will take MF to show this update?

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Re: MyFICO slow to update.

@jamie123 wrote:



I'm really thinking about quitting MF but don't want to lose my 7 years of history. If they don't turn it around I will have to move on.

I've been considering this too. You can always print all the reports as a PDF and then download all the history. I have all mine saved in case I need to go back an look at something.

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Re: MyFICO slow to update.

This is typical for My Fico - but I've also had some changes not be reported at all. I once had my EQ score not update for a good 2 months, despite balance and score changes during that time. I think that overall Experian Credit Works is a better deal, but the only reason I keep using My Fico is to keep track of my Fico 9 scores since a few of my current (and future) lenders utilize Fico 9 now. Were it not for that, I would switch to ECW in a heartbeat. 

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