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Navy FCU approval?

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Navy FCU approval?

I’m new to this forum but curious if anyone has knowledge of their approval guidelines.

I currently have a 668eq and 675 TU

I have a 60 day late that’s 3 years old.

3 new cards in the past 2 years and 2 auto loans in the past 2 years (1 auto loan is paid off and closed)

Current utilization is about 75 percent

Should I wait to lower my utilization and until the 2/3 newer cards become older than 2 years. Or am I ok to apply now?

I travel a bit and would really like to apply for a high limit card and/or one with travel rewards.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Navy FCU approval?

Hi OP and welcome to MyFICO

If those are not FICO scores, you really need to know those scores before contemplating applying for another CC.

75% UT is extremely high so it would be extremely difficult to get any CC with that UT.

I recommend gardening until you can get your UT to less than 28.9% and then try again.
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Re: Navy FCU approval?

Welcome ayecee616! I agree with CreditInspired . I think it is best that you bring your utilization down for sure. And, it probably would be helpful to get the scores up another tick, if possible.

If you ever have interest in what type of profiles are being approved for certain lenders or cards, just do a search for that topic in these forums. You'll see a lot of great data points that you can use to your advantage, or to give you a general idea on where you may stand.

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